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1. Bando (BUY HERE)
a. Genetics: Apple Fritter x LCG
b. Brief Description: Green Dragon’s “Bando” is an outstanding hybrid cannabis
strain. Bando’s nugs have an incredibly deep solid purple color to them that
contrast beautifully against the loads of trichomes that coat Bando’s buds. This
combination gives our Bando strain a very exotic look with its silver hues spread
across deeply rich purple buds. A very inviting and delectable scent greets the
consumer upon smelling Bando. Scents of dark blackberry preserve jam, baked
cookie, and ashram incense generate a very mouthwatering and inviting nose.
Further scents of refined purple grapes and a light skunky/gassiness come together
to form an overall exquisite and complex aroma. The taste of Bando matches its
nose with its luscious flavors of dark fruit jelly and savory baked sweets. Bando’s
effects are very relaxing and anxiolytic, making Bando a great strain for
unwinding and washing away any stress that the day may bring. Bando is a
phenomenal hybrid with a refined flavor, fragrance, and effect that lovers of
sweeter cannabis strains will take joy in relishing. 


2. Electric Pineapple (BUY HERE)

a. Genetics: Malverde x Pineapple Pezz
b. Brief Description: Electric Pineapple is a particularly excotic and crystalized
strain. The nugs are coated with loads of trichomes giving a slight white color to
the nugs. The leaf color is bright green with olive hues spread throughout. The
smell of electric pineapple is phenomenal with subtle citrus notes. It has a nice
nose of fresh cookie dough and a bit of wintergreen mintiness.


3. Malverde’s Revenge (BUY HERE)

a. Genetics: Malverde x Eye Scream Cake
b. Brief Description: Malverde's Revenge’s nugs are extremely coated in trichomes
and crystals. Bud structure is very tight and dense, characteristic of Indica plant
morphology. There are a few big nugs, lots of medium pieces, and some small
nugs. A nice silver hue is present throughout the buds adding to the visual appeal and making the buds look incredibly strong. A small amount of purple and dark
olive color is also present on the buds which contrasts nicely against the silver
hues. The nose of this batch is very gassy and octane filled. A light background
mintiness is also present along with the scent of stewed dark berries. Lovers of
potent dense indica flower will love this strain as it's likely to make one's eyes
droop and put the smoker to sleep. 


4. Malverde (BUY HERE)

a. Genetics: OGKB 2.5
b. Brief Description: Malverde is one of our most popular strains, rightfully so. The
buds have an overall darker olive green color to them. The nose of this strain is
pretty good with its strong gassiness and sweet cooked mint profile. It’s a heavier
strain perfect for the indica lover.


5. Tropical Slushie (BUY HERE)

a. Genetics: Trop Cookies x Gelato 33
b. Brief Description:Visual appeal to this strain is stunning. Nugs have a lot of
purple to the buds and this color is evenly spread out on all nugs making the
whole batch appear as an exotic dark purple color. There are loads of trichomes
and white crystals on the nugs which contrast beautifully against the exotic purple
leaf color. The nose on this strain has a pungent cool/icy wintergreen mintiness to
it along with a strong background gassiness. Scents of dark, jammy, hard candy
are also present. The nug structure is dense but the buds are not overly stiff or
rock-like. The nugs peel apart with an enjoyable stickiness and gooeyness.


6. Watermelon Short Cookies(BUY HERE)

a. Genetics: Watermelon Zkillez x Animal Cookies
b. Brief Description:The buds are coated with trichomes and crystals giving the
whole batch a white and shiny look. The structure of the nugs is beautiful as the
buds are not too dense or too sparse/open. The smell to this strain is very fresh
with a light vanilla scent accompanied by sweet lemon and mint. A light
background gassiness to the scent also suggests a strong THC punch awaiting the
smoker. A nice bluish olive color is present on the nugs, adding to its overall
great visual appeal.

7. Feria (BUY HERE)

a. Genetics: Cush Kake x Animal Face
b. Brief Description: Green Dragon’s renowned “Feria” strain and High Times
Cannabis Cup winner for best hybrid is one of the most unique strains in the
modern cannabis market. A result of years of genetic testing and breeding, Feria
represents the pinnacle of Green Dragon’s cannabis breeding program. Feria is
known for its impeccable strength, long lasting high, and distinctive scent and
flavor. Visually Feria is a beautiful strain with bright light green leaves loaded
with so much trichome content that the strain ends up gleaming with a shiny silver
and white hue. Nugs of Feria are further accented with colors of blue and purple
throughout the buds which adds to its overall exotic look. Feria’s smell is an
intoxicating one, combining a super candied blue Zkittlez scent with the dank
odor of raw THC hash. This delightful combination of candied fruit and fuel-like
THC is a quality that words can only grasp at and must be experienced directly to
truly appreciate. The same properties found in Feria’s smell profile transfer
seamlessly to its taste, giving Feria a delectable candied yet hashy flavor. When
smoked or vaporized Feria bestows an extremely strong and long lasting high,
making Feria an essential go-to strain for seasoned smokers with high tolerances.
With its remarkable genetics and intoxicating smell and high, it’s no surprise that
Feria is a favorite amongst cannabis consumers and one of the most in demand
strains in Green Dragon’s genetic lineup. 


8. 80’s Baby (BUY HERE)

a. Genetics: LPC x Gush Mints
b. Brief Description: “80’s Baby” by Green Dragon is a spectacular and unique
sativa. Upon first cracking a jar of 80’s Baby one is greeted with a very earthy
cookie dough and brown sugar scent along with notes of fresh cream and vanilla.
The overall smell profile of “80’s Baby” resembles a fresh batch of snickerdoodle
cookies right out of the oven. “80’s Baby” has strong visual appeal as well with
its unique bluish/olive color and its larger chunky nugs that are coated with
trichomes. These color accents give “80’s Baby” an exotic look that is also
matched with a unique flavor profile. Creamy and milky flavors race across the
palate with each inhalation along with light notes of an earthy mint. Sativa lovers
will love the special and unique profile that Green Dragon’s “80’s Baby” offers.

9. Chillato (BUY HERE)

a. Genetics: Blue Sherb x Malverde
b. Brief Description: This strain has a nice look with darker purple color with a
sweet more grapey or more dark fruit smell. Nugs have good crystallization and
are sticky to the touch. The fundamental genetics of this strain are really good. 


10. Z Pie (BUY HERE)

a. Zkittlez x Georgia Pie
b. Brief Description: Z Pie has a nice look to it with its unique tan/light green color.
The nug size distribution is good with a majority of the buds being medium sized.
There is a healthy amount of resignation on the buds with all buds big and small
showing abundant trichomes on them. The nose to this strain is great; scents of
light mint, fresh vanilla, dandelion, and raw THC are present. The nug shape and
nug structure are very nice with its triangular and dense bud clusters. As a result,
Z-Pie has an exotic look to it.


11. Dragon Runtz (BUY HERE)

a. Genetics: Apple fritter x platinum runtz
b. Brief description: There is a very good level of trichomes present on the nugs
which contrast nicely against the darker olive/purple nug color--giving the buds an
exotic look. The nose to Dragon Runtz has light notes of dark fruit jam and a
strong smell of THC gas. but lacking much else that would give the nose more
depth or range in smell.


12. Sour Dough (BUY HERE)

a. Genetics: unknown (clone only)
b. Brief description: The large Sour Dough nugs have some purple accents
throughout some portions of the buds as well as a nice overall silver hue that
contrasts nicely against the olive green/silver bud color. The smell of Sour Dough
is very good. The nose has a nice creaminess to it along with a sharp raw THC
and minty scent. Some nice dark berry sweetness is also present in the
background which goes nicely with the mintiness of the batch. The trichome
content of this batch is very good also. The overall color of this batch is not too
dark and not too bright.

13. Green Dragon OG  (BUY HERE)

a. Genetics: unknown (clone only)
b. Brief description: Our Green Dragon OG speaks for itself. The THC content is
great and the nugs are dense with a good amount of trichome resignation on them.
The nose of this batch is superb with that classic sour lemon and piney/gassy OG


14. Capone (BUY HERE)

a. Genetics: Gary Payton x cookies and cream
b. Brief Description: The smell to this strain is delightful and strong with a bright
vanilla and floral potpourri makeup and sharp notes of THC.