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Green Dragon Cannabis Dispensary Clone List and Cannabis Flower Strain Menu:

Updated 9/5/23

Apples & Bananas 65-70 days med/tall hybrid
Apple Tartz
Banana OG
Durban Poison
Ego Checker
Turbo Cookies Indica
Electric Pineapple 65-70 days short/med Pinapple Pez x Ogkb 2.1v (sativa dominate) hybrid
Cereal Milk
Kush Mints 62 days short Bubba kush x Animal mints (indica dominate) hybrid
Dolato 65-70 days med/tall Gelato x Dosi (indica dominate) hybrid
Angel Cake
Chillato 65-70 days med/tall Cookies genetics (sativa/hybrid)
Frosted Cherry Cookies
Lemon Sherbet 65-70 days short/med Cookies Genetics (hybrid)
Grape Cake 65-70 days short/med Cookies Genetics (hybrid)
King Kush 55 days short Bubba kush x Og (indica dominate) hybrid
Grape Pie
Ice Cream Cake
London Pound Cake
Medallin 65-70 days Med/tall
Gary Payton
GMO Pie Med/tall
North Cake Indica
Rainbow Beltz 65-70 days short/med moonbow x moonbow (sativa dominate) hybrid
Redbullz 65-70 days med/tall White runtz x Grape gas (indica dominate) hybrid
Rozay 65-70 days med/tall Sunset sherbet x Purple bomb (sativa dominate) hybrid
Cherry Cookies 65-70 days med/tall Cherry Pie x GSC (indica/hybrid)
Sticky Buns
Sundae Driver
Tropical Slushie
Tropicana Cookies
Zkittlez 65-70 days med/tall
Zpie 65-70 days med/tall Georgia pie x Zkittles (indica dominate) hybrid
Zkittlez Kush
Wi-Fi #43 Hybrid
Vanilla Bean 65-70 days med/tall Gorilla glue #4 x Canna Rado (hybrid)
Papaya Punch 65-70 days med/tall GSC x Tangie (sativa dominate) hybrid
Platinum Kush Breath
Mint Sherbet
Watermelon Short Cookies

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