Legality of Cannabis in California - All You Need to Know

Legality of Cannabis in California Green Dragon Caregivers Cannabis Store near North Hollywood and Coachella Valley

Wondering if Medical or Recreational Cannabis is legal in California? The 

Legality of Cannabis in California can be found in the Department of Cannabis Control's website. Here are the most important aspects of the California Laws that allow for cannabis use:

What is the Age Limitation for Cannabis use in California?

According to the state, Cannabis is legal in California. You can buy cannabis products near if you are:

Laws change within every city and/or county. Go to your city or county website to learn about the rules in your area. Some may have stricter laws so you should stay informed.

What is the Difference in the Legality of Cannabis in California between Medicinal Users vs. Adult Users?

Rules differ depending on medicinal users and adult users. Arguably, so could argue that medicinal cannabis users with legal permit get more perks! For example, when it comes to Medicinal users (learn more here):

  • They have higher possession limits than adult users
  • Have the ability to legally grow more plants at home, only if their physician recommends it
  • Can buy higher amounts of cannabis each day, also if their physician recommends it

Where is it legal to smoke Cannabis near California?

When it comes to the question of: "Where is it allowed?", California state determines that "You can use cannabis on private property, but not in public places like restaurants or bars".

Therefore, the law does not allow cannabis smoking where it’s illegal to smoke tobacco or smoke cannabis within 1,000 feet of a school, daycare center, or youth center while kids are present.

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Licensed Retailers like Green Dragon Caregivers are allowed to Sell Cannabis

All cannabis retailers must have a license from DCC (Department of Cannabis Control). Licensed retailers have strict rules and are inspected by the state. Also, licensed retailers do not sell to minors, test all products regularly, and must legally ensure the amount of THC and CBD on the labels.

Some stores that look legitimate are not actually licensed. Stores without a license may sell untested products. Be wary of unlicensed retailers and avoid legal cannabis products that could contain dangerous chemicals and other irregularities.

Cannabis Legality under Federal Law

Cannabis is still illegal under federal law. So certain aspects remain illegal when it comes to Cannabis use in California. You must remember that according to Federal Law, is is illegal to use or possess cannabis on federal lands, like national parks, or take cannabis across state lines.

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