Best Buds: Malverde's Revenge Strain

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Malverde's Revenge’s strain nugs are extremely coated in trichomes and crystals. Bud structure is very tight and dense, characteristic of Indica plant morphology.

There are a few big nugs, lots of medium pieces, and some small nugs. A nice silver hue is present throughout the buds adding to the visual appeal and making the buds look incredibly strong. A small amount of purple and dark olive color is also present on the buds which contrasts nicely against the silver hues.

The nose of this batch is very gassy and octane filled. A light background mintiness is also present along with the scent of stewed dark berries. Lovers of potent dense indica flower will love this strain as it's likely to make one's eyes droop and put the smoker to sleep.

Genetics: Malverde x Eye Scream Cake

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