Best Buds: Feria The Fetti Strain

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Fresh and best Fria, also know as "The Fetti" Strain. Green Dragon’s renowned Feria The Fetti strain and High Times Cannabis Cup winner for best hybrid is one of the most unique strains in the modern cannabis market. A result of years of genetic testing and breeding, Feria represents the pinnacle of Green Dragon’s cannabis breeding program.

Feria is known for its impeccable strength, long-lasting high, and distinctive scent and flavor. Visually Feria is a beautiful strain with bright light green leaves loaded with so much trichome content that the strain ends up gleaming with a shiny silver and white hue. Nugs of Feria are further accented with colors of blue and purple throughout the buds which adds to its overall exotic look.

Feria’s smell is an intoxicating one, combining a super candied blue Zkittlez scent with the dank odor of raw THC hash. This delightful combination of candied fruit and fuel-like THC is a quality that words can only grasp at and must be experienced directly to truly appreciate.

The same properties found in Feria’s smell profile transfer seamlessly to its taste, giving Feria a delectable candied yet hashy flavor. When smoked or vaporized Feria bestows an extremely strong and long lasting high, making Feria an essential go-to strain for seasoned smokers with high tolerances. With its remarkable genetics and intoxicating smell and high, it’s no surprise that Feria is a favorite amongst cannabis consumers and one of the most in demand strains in Green Dragon’s genetic lineup.

Genetics: Cush Kake x Animal Face

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