Best Buds: Bando Strain

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“Bando” strain from Green Dragon Cannabis Dispensary is an outstanding hybrid cannabis strain. Bando’s nugs have an incredibly deep solid purple color to them that contrasts beautifully against the loads of trichomes that coat Bando’s buds. This combination gives our Bando strain a very exotic look with its silver hues spread across deeply rich purple buds.

A very inviting and delectable scent greets the
consumer upon smelling Bando. Scents of dark blackberry preserve jam, baked
cookies, and ashram incense generate a very mouthwatering and inviting nose.

Further scents of refined purple grapes and a light skunky/gassiness come together to form an overall exquisite and complex aroma. The taste of Bando matches its nose with its luscious flavors of dark fruit jelly and savory baked sweets.

Bando’s effects are very relaxing and anxiolytic, making Bando a great strain for unwinding and washing away any stress that the day may bring. Bando is a phenomenal hybrid with a refined flavor, fragrance, and effect that lovers of
sweeter cannabis strains will take joy in relishing.

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