Best Buds: 80's Baby Strain

80s baby strain green dragon cannabis dispensary

 “80’s Baby” by Green Dragon Cannabis Dispensary is a spectacular and unique sativa. Upon first cracking a jar of 80’s Baby one is greeted with a very earthy cookie dough and brown sugar scent along with notes of fresh cream and vanilla.

The overall smell profile of “80’s Baby” resembles a fresh batch of Snickerdoodle cookies right out of the oven. “80’s Baby” has strong visual appeal as well with its unique bluish/olive color and its larger chunky nugs that are coated with trichomes. These color accents give “80’s Baby” an exotic look that is also matched with a unique flavor profile.

Creamy and milky flavors race across the palate with each inhalation along with light notes of an earthy mint. Sativa lovers will love the special and unique profile that Green Dragon’s “80’s Baby” offers. 

Genetics: LPC x Gush Mints

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